Terra Art

Terra's offices are located on Commercial Drive, a neighbourhood with a diverse, thriving cultural scene.  Several members of the Terra Team are artists who have exhibited, worked and volunteered for many years in the local arts community.

Terra hosts a small art gallery in our offices, featuring the work of local artists in our foyer and board room.  Each exhibit runs for a two month period and artists are paid a small honorarium.  Pieces are often available for purchase.

The current show features the work of Jasmine Sanchez-Ziller.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work in the Terra Gallery, please contact Chris.


Previous Shows

Ismail Esen                                        Feb - Mar 2019

Burnaby Photographic Society

Judy Villett Terry Aske Mardell Rampton Janet Archibald

                                                         Nov - Dec 2017

Sarah Ronald                                     Sept - Oct 2017

Bill Bentley                                          Jul - Aug 2017

Daniel Peter Smith                               May - Jun 2017

Christina Ostenstad (photography)      Mar - Apr 2017

Diego Pacheco                                     Jan - Feb 2017

Avelina Stanier Cruz                            Nov - Dec 2016

Phyllis Greenwood                                Sep - Oct 2016

Aleteia Greenwood                               July - Aug 2016

Alexis                                                   May - Jun 2016

Trish Mitchell                                        Mar - Apr 2016

Jenifer Darbellay                                    Jan - Feb 2016

Teresa Johnson                                      Nov - Dec 2015

"Women of Savagery and Bugs"             Sept - Oct 2015

AVA (Avenue for/des Arts)                      July - Aug 2015

Carole Sinclair mixed media                   May - June 2015

Randy S. Tait, carver                                Mar - Apr 2015

Brooklyn Obrecht, painting                    Jan -  Feb 2015

Eva Waldauf, mixed media                     Nov - Dec 2014

Full Circle Art Collective                        Sept - Oct 2014

Sarah Davidson                                      July - Aug  2014

Alice Neel Copy Project                         May - June 2014

J. Barrable Segal  Milos Jones                  Mar - Apr 2014

Stanley Mishkin, painting                         Jan - Feb 2014

Nancy Henderson, mixed media             Nov - Dec 2013

Valerie Arntzen, mixed media                Sept - Oct 2013

Dave Denson, artist                                 July - Aug 2013

Jason Neve, photographer                       May-June 2013

Florence Debeugny, photographer         Mar - Apr 2013

Sally Gooding, mixed media                    Jan - Feb 2013

Group Show                                            Nov - Dec 2012

Famous Empty Sky, artist                        Sept - Oct 2012

Emily Miles, artist & illustrator                 July-Aug 2012

Heather Renney, photographer               May-June 2012