How We Work

Terra has unparalleled expertise in the development of social purpose real estate projects. 

While other members of the development team perform specific tasks at different stages of the course of development, Terra is engaged throughout all stages and works with our clients to oversee the entire process.

Our dedicated departments offer a wide range of services to clients:

Development Management

Terra devotes both a Principal and a development manager to each project. Experienced staff members work with clients to find solutions and move projects forward through every step of the development process.

Support Services

Our dedicated staff members coordinate the development of funding applications, conduct comprehensive research for proposals and feasibility studies, and provide other support services as required.

Claims Department

Our Claims Department gathers necessary pre‐funding documentation—including insurance, requests, records and reports—throughout construction. Claims staff handle GST and HST tracking, filing and reconciling; budget tracking and financial record keeping.

Our Core Functions

We offer our clients comprehensive development management services throughout the entire development process, including the following:

  • Help identify and clarify our clients’ project objectives.
  • Provide research and develop professional affordable housing needs assessments for municipalities, government agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Develop and coordinate comprehensive proposal packages that meet the requirements of lenders and funding agencies.
  • Create financial models to analyze development options, operating costs and revenues, financing options, cash flows, loan repayment systems and other relevant criteria.
  • Help develop and negotiate contracts and agreements between clients and stakeholders including municipalities, lenders, builders, private partners, non profits, health authorities and government agencies.
  • Work to obtain municipal approvals such as rezoning, subdivision and development permits.
  • Implement an effective public consultation processes to address neighbourhood concerns and gain public support for projects.
  • Manage a diverse range of stakeholders, including board members, residents, neighbours, government bodies, students and financial agencies.
  • Support our clients through the design and construction processes, helping to resolve issues.
  • Manage all aspects of the construction claims process, so builders are paid in approved systematic ways, and documentation is properly submitted to lenders and tracked for audit purposes.
  • Help manage human and logistical issues that arise during construction.
  • Support our clients during move-in, and help establish appropriate operations management systems.
  • Hold builders accountable for deficiencies in construction work and ensure appropriate follow-up to construction warranty issues.