Our Services

Our expertise is an invaluable resource

Terra has unmatched expertise in working with communities across BC, as well as national and international clients. We take complex real estate challenges, organize them into manageable solutions and deliver successful projects that meet our clients’ objectives. We are fully experienced in all phases of project development, from concept creation to warranty inspection and final cost audit. We support our clients through every stage of planning and development, and we understand the challenges of creating affordability for an array of clients. By having Terra as a development expert in your corner, you can focus on serving your members and mandate.

Relationships count

Our success stems from our ability to conduct and refine the art of relationship building and industry networking. For each project we undertake, we invest significant time helping our clients develop beneficial partnerships, and assist in negotiating better business terms. Our long-term clients continue to return to us with new project ideas. Terra offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Proposal Development – We develop and coordinate comprehensive proposal packages to meet the requirements of lenders and funding agencies.
  • Financial Modeling – We help create situation-specific financial models for real estate projects.
  • Structuring Agreements – We develop and negotiate contracts and agreements between our clients and their stakeholders, and address the complex needs of multiple partnership projects.
  • Project Management – We are highly experienced in managing the development of small to large-scale social purpose real estate projects, from project concept to final occupancy.