Hugh Forster

Principal, Terra Special Projects

Hugh brings over 35 years of real estate development and project finance experience to Terra Special Projects.  His expertise lies in deal assessment, financial anaysis and financing structure, determining alternative deal structure options and negotiation skills to find the win/win solution for the project.  Once consensus is reached, Hugh manages the process of finalizing the legal agreements for both the deal and its financing.  Over his extensive career, Hugh has participated in such activities for a wide range of real estate projects, including office buildings, condominium and rental residential projects, land subdivisions and resorts.

As the Managing Partner at Terra Special Projects, Hugh's responsibilities include:

  • Project Feasibility - financial analysis and project feasibility including costing, pro formas, cashflow and scenario configuration
  • Project Initiation - deal structure alternatives, municipal negotiations, legal team management
  • Client Liaison - client workshops, client negotiations, legal agreement initiation and completion
  • Financing - financing structure analysis, lender negotiation, procurement of funds

Hugh received his BCom degree from the University of Calgary with majors in Finance and Marketing.